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OK, let’s get back to basics. You might be an experienced teacher who just wants to confirm they are doing a good job, a student starting out in their career or a lost soul searching for desperate advice to improve their teaching. Either way, this unique section for teachers, will cover a range of articles with tips to help with specifically teaching D&T as well as your general teaching practice.

I’m not convinced other professionals, even within the education sector, can really appreciate what we deal with in our subject; having to have eyes at the back of our heads in the workshop so we can spot that little darling throwing wood across the room whilst trying to run around the room helping 20+ demanding pupils all needing your help with the practical steps. Not including having to keep up with all the unique designs that our GCSE pupils are trying to manufacture whilst stretching our brains in figuring out how each one will be made and having to be there to help with the problem solving if it all goes belly up, all whilst controlling the rest of the class! The list is endless! It’s a tiring job where you have to do master the art of multitasking and pupils are rarely sitting quietly, which let’s face it, is why we all love the subject anyway!


Experienced teachers will tell us it can take years to master this job, but if I’m honest, which I always will be, I will say that you will never stop learning on the job. Every day is different as is every pupil and their mood (and your own moods!!). You will never be able to predict what the lesson will bring you and if that’s scary for you, no need to be completely put off, you just need some coping strategies and tips under your belt.
Believe me; you can never know it all when it comes to teaching, especially in D&T as it’s an ever expanding subject, but hey that’s why we enjoy it!

So, the following columns under this tab will offer some tips in specific areas of teaching D&T. If you would like to discuss anything written, feel free to email me. I am very interested to hear your thoughts and any concerns you may have and I will do my best to help.



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