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It’s the end of the lesson, pupils are packing away and barely listening as you yell “your home learning is to finish off your class work, don’t forget!”There are so many things wrong with this scenario it pains me to even imagine it! Answer honestly, is this exemplary of your lesson? If it is, don’t fret but do read my advice…

homeWhy not set your home learning at the start of the lesson rather than at the end? Your pupils have been concentrating for an hour during your lesson (hopefully!) and during the last 5 minutes they are winding down probably thinking about what lesson they’ve got next or what they’re going to eat for lunch. Do you really think they are going to listen to what their home learning is? Unlikely.

However, asking your pupils to copy down their home learning at the start of the lesson, ensures they’re relaxed, focused and are actually registering what they are being asked to do, then you explain what you expect from them allowing suitable time for questions if needed.


Now, the slightly more challenging part regarding home learning content. In the first scenario the task was to finish off class work. What message is this sending to our pupils? If home learning is viewed as punishment for a lack of productivity in the lesson then the learning opportunities are being sacrificed. What about those pupils who managed to complete the work during the lesson? They’re clearly not being stretched and chances are those who were unable to finish the class work won’t be much more successful outside the learning environment and thus fall even more behind.
So what’s the answer? I think all teachers can agree that home learning should be a form of extended learning beyond the classroom (hence why it is often called home learning rather than home work). It helps pupils to reinforce and consolidate what they have learned in the lesson or prepare for the next one. You can even differentiate home learning tasks to suit the needs of particular pupils.

A great way of differentiating is with the Home Learning Take Away Menu! This allows pupils the choice of what task to do to learn at home (much less planning for you and much more freedom for the pupils: win, win!). The more able will often go straight for the most challenging task which I think is fantastic at stretching them and building their confidence to progress dramatically. This will be available for download very soon!


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TeachMe-DT App!

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